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This is William, every-bodies darling

Symbolic, colours and shapes The spicy tip of the leaf has earned the plant the nickname "mother-in-law's tongue". So, if you have chosen this plant for your partner's mother, tell her right away that this gift is not a negative allusion. Do you like choices? Fortunately, there are about 70 different species of this plant. Typical is the colouring of the leaves with transverse bands, spots and yellow edges. Would you like to have a darker plant? Then place it further away from the window. Where do you prefer lighter leaves? In this case, a place at the window is optimal. The long, strong, pointed and elegant leaves rise into the air. These impressive peaks usually do not exceed one meter in height. They use all their strength to grow. Even the pot can break if it is not big enough. The Sansevieria rarely flowers. But if this happens, your patience will be rewarded with a wonderfully sweet fragrance. Provenance The Sansevieria is used to the heat because it comes from desert areas, including Ethiopia. In 1794, the naturalist Carl Peter Thunberg gave it its botanical name after the Italian scientist, inventor and aristocrat Raimondo di Sangro, VII Prince of Sansevero.
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