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Wines from the "Abeilles d'Or"



Originally from the small hamlet "Les Baillets" in the heart of Geneva's vineyards, the "Desbaillets" family has been quoted in the Geneva archives for over half a millennium. The family coat of arms naturally lent their name to the "Domaine des Abeilles d'Or" since in heraldic language the Desbaillets arms are interpreted in these terms: the Azure represents Heaven, Justice and Beauty, the Golden Bees symbolise Wealth and Nobility. The Gang, Noble piece in Blazon, means Virtue and Ardor, Mouth the Fire, Love and Courage. Nothing could better describe the wonderful landscape of our hillsides; its great wines and the character of the winemaker.




The vines of the Abeilles d'Or estate are part of the Choully and Peissy appellations of controlled origin, which are themselves included in the Geneva appellation contrôlée. The surface of the vineyard is 34 ha. Choully is at the heart of the largest wine-producing commune in Switzerland: Satigny. The hillside of Choully extends in more or less pronounced slopes above the village of Satigny. It is bounded to the east by the hillside of Bourdigny and to the west by that of Peissy. Located between 450 and 500 meters, the vines frequently dominate the autumnal mists. The soil is silty clay with the presence of limestone. The mother rock, made of molasse, is porous enough for the roots of the vine to pass through it and draw the water present under the hillside of Choully.




The Domaine des Abeilles d'Or is cultivated, in the purest tradition, in a low and narrow Guyot system with about 10'000 vines per ha. The vines are grassed in order to fight against erosion and slow down the vigour of the vine. The estate, which is operated in an environmentally friendly manner, is one of the first estates in Switzerland to be certified Vinatura Vitiswiss.




Laurent Desbaillets, a recent graduate of the Ecole de Changins, is in charge of the vinification of the Abeilles d'Or wines.




The Douce Noire in its entirety and certain specialities are aged in oak barrels before giving the fullness of their aromas.




Modern and efficient installations allow the fine vinification of the numerous white and red specialities grown on the estate.


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