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Bread of Gold Geneva 2018

Café Simeoni Fleurs is pleased and proud to announce that the Oberson bakery (which manages our gourmet area) has received the "Pain d'Or Genevois 2018" award



During a ceremony, "aux Canons", in Old Town, the Oberson bakery was awarded a second star by the Brotherhood of the Knights of Good Bread on Thursday 26 April 2018, in the presence of Pierre Maudet, State Councillor in charge of the economy.


The Association des Artisans Boulangers Confiseurs Genève, the cantonal section of the brotherhood of the Knights of Good Bread of Latin Switzerland, has described the Bernssian Stéphane Oberson as "the best baker in the Canton of Geneva 2016-2017". Its breads from its bakery have obtained the highest cantonal average, in terms of general appearance of the product, baking, colour, quality of the crust and crumb. Thus, he was awarded the "golden bread 2018". Every two years, the brotherhood organizes a ceremony to reward the best bakers who respect quality artisanal production.


Inducted Chevalier du Bon Pain in 2012, thanks to an average of more than 90 (out of 100), Stéphane Oberson received his first star three years later, by re-offending. Better still, his work has been rewarded with the Silver Bread 2015. The bakery ranked second that year, and Oberson was named the canton's vice-best baker. The 2018 Golden Bread is the culmination of a long tradition, begun in 1951 in the village of Meyrin, by Edmond Oberson, Stéphane's grandfather. He has been running the family business since 1990. In nearly 30 years, he developed it by opening other points of sale and especially by creating the Rolinette, a special bread in homage to his father Roland: a simple and rustic bread, with a crunchy crust and a soft heart.



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